Monday, October 19, 2009

Autodidacts Rejoice!

I think it is self-evident that learning is best looked at as a life-long endeavor. I for one find myself constantly stumbling along to keep up with what is for me a flood of information. When I'm not doing my best to remember (re-learn?) vast portions of material I'm supposed to already know from College and Grad School I am playing hide and seek with concepts that seem about as clear to me as granite.
Luckily the web (which itself can be an ocean of confusion) is now offering up a growing community of outlets that offer structured, professionally curated knowledge acquisition.
Here is a great resource from Lifehacker.
Paul Parducci

Saturday, October 03, 2009

A Real Hero Passes: Marek Edelman

Marek Edelman, the last surviving member of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising has left this world.
Here is his Obituary from the Los Angeles Times.
Paul Parducci
PS: The photo is from Eilat Gordin Levitan's excellent site.