Thursday, March 24, 2016

My Watery Nightmare: Water Demons, Wet Linda and Reflections on "The Drowning Project"

Where ideas come from who can really say. Most times if you try to explain a genesis  you sound kind of... well you know.
Anyway somewhere in the mid 0's I felt compelled to write a story about a water demon.
The location was a community pool in an upper-middle class neighborhood in California.
This developed into a viral video project titled "The Drowning Project."

This was in 2009-2010.

Here is a Teaser:

And another:

 And here is the project itself.

The Drowning Project Part One:

The Drowning Project Part Two:

 It's still out and about in the marzipan of online video.
There ended up being a lot of spokes on this project (including a screenplay that builds on this universe) So you never know...
Anyway be careful where you swim-
Paul Parducci