Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Thoughtforms? Imaginary Friends? The Phillip Experiment. What's the Deal with Tulpas?

 Mountain Climbers with Invisible friends?
Helpers Meditated into Existence?

First take a look at the Sensed Presence Effect from Scientific American.

These folks are serious about Tulpas:
Tulpa Info

Can we make a Ghost (aka Tulpa)?

The Phillip Experiment says Yes!

Is The Slender Man nothing but a culturally generated Tulpa?
Paul Parducci

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Kincaid's Cavern- Proof of a Lost North American Civilization?

This one has been around awhile.
Along with the many "Out of Place Artifacts" stories- (Here's a nice get-up-to speed piece from Mental Floss )
-There are numerous narratives about Lost and forgotten civilizations in North America's Historical back yard.
This is a trailer for a DVD on the subject:

Of course the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry has a different take here.

In the Lost Civilizations realm Kincaid's Cavern is a perennial favorite and has been discussed by Alternative Archaeological Wanderers for years now:
Here's an overview on Kincaid's Cavern from Claudio Zorrospin.

More from: CNY Artifact Recovery

And:Jack Andrews

Has it been found?

Or is it at the end of the day, simply a Hoax? as per Jason Colavito.

Well, Happy Spelunking!
Paul Parducci