Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Happy Holidays From Nightmare Boss!

I would yet again like to thank everybody for supporting Nightmare Boss.
The response to "The Nightmare Boss Holiday Special" has been over-whelming.
Lot's of things are happening with this project and I will do my best to Blog about them.
(And yes this could very well alter my production plans over the next year or so.)
Paul Parducci

Monday, November 27, 2006

Post Thanksgiving, Dexter and Masters of Horror

I hope everybody who celebrates it had a great Thanksgiving Holiday. I sure did. My time off included three epic Risk battles, a couple timid forays into various stores and plenty of turkey (I really like turkey-save the drumstick for me please.)

I am hooked on the Showtime series Dexter. (If you haven't been watching it, do yourself a favor and tune-in and catch-up.) Last night after Dexter I bounced over to Video On Demand where I saw the excellent Masters of Horror episode entitled "Family."Brent Hanley wrote it,(I've blogged about his work before on this site) John Landis directed it and George Wendt perfectedly inhabited the main role. (I worked with George a few years ago on a radio project for the BBC and he is a great guy: easy-going and pleasant etc.)
Well it's time to get back to work...
Have a Great Day!
Paul Parducci

PS: If you like Rockabilly and early Rock and Roll like I do check out

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Interview and The Expanding Universe

This is the postcard from: "The Interview." It's been hanging around on one of my book shelves. It's the only one left so I figured I'd better post it before it too disappears.
You can watch the film itself here.
Paul Parducci

PS: Of course this is truly insignificant in light of the Expanding Universe.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Citizen Kane Theatrical Trailer

Is this cool or what?
You can just feel the excitement. At this moment the whole world was there for Orson Welles.
Paul Parducci

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Introducing The Official Nightmare Boss Podcast!!

Again I would like to thank everyone for making "Nightmare Boss" such an amazing success.
I have had many requests for a Podcast of this series, so I am very pleased to announce:
"Here it is."
Also for your ipod.Have a Great Day!
Paul Parducci

PS: For Cool Cartoon Podcasts go here.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Freakonomics, Age of Empires 3 and Work Front Decisions

I am currently reading Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner's fascinating book: "Freakonomics." This book is essentially the economics of the stuff you really want to know about delivered with a refreshingly comfortable clarity. A wonderful read.

Currently playing: Age of Empires 3.
I have been a fan of Age of Empires since the beginning and I regret taking so long to move on to this installment. In fact the expansion for #3 has just been released and I suspect that I will be getting that soon as well.

On the work side:
"Nightmare Boss" continues to grow in popularity and I continue to polish the script for my next feature film.(the feedback from readers has been uniformly positive) As time is really the only thing any of us have to spend,I feel a tough decision coming up.
Paul Parducci

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Paul Parducci's Next Movie Project Update # 4

The Second Draft is finished.
It is now going out to select people for their reactions.
Paul Parducci
PS: I like it and Shadow the Script Dog approves!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Why I Don't Read The Calendar.

I do my best to keep things simple:

Make Movies.

The Calendar is the Entertainment News section of the LA Times. It along with the Hollywood Reporter and Variety are what are known as the Trades.

From time to time over the years I have tried reading them in order to "Stay Informed," but I ultimately find them (yet again) to be both disheartening and useless.

As an artist I want to surprise, scare, entertain, inspire and make you laugh. I have found that for me,to do this properly, (as properly as it can be done)I have to focus single-minded on the work itself, not on the results of the work.
And the Trades are generally all about the results, real or imagined, honest or spun.

Well, that's all the pontificating I can stand from myself for now.
I wish you all exciting ideas and the time to fulfill them!
Paul Parducci