Sunday, December 20, 2015

Are We Headless? D.E. Harding, The Pointing Experiment and the Infinity of Self

Ernst Mach's self portrait

 No Head?
The Pointing Experiment?
Where to begin?
I'd say Richard Lang's film:

The Headless Monster Resource:
The Headless Way.
 D.E. Harding's trigger:
Ernst Mach

Am I pointing at you?
Paul Parducci

Saturday, December 12, 2015

(Warning Extra Creepy) What's the Deal with Night Time Sleep Paralysis?

At Night. In Your Bed. In the Dark.

Shadow people. Inability to move. Levitation to the ceiling. Electrical Light shows.
Hags. Black cats with red eyes.
I've been hearing these stories for years. And we humans have been experiencing these Nighttime Terrors long before I set foot on the planet.

 Here's Henry Fuseli's painting on the phenomenon from 1781:

 Right now: I highly recommend Rodney Ascher's documentary "The Nightmare" which is currently available on your favorite Streaming Service.

And here's  Fifteen Experiences thanks to Chrissy Stockton.
Are you a little bit hooked?
Some more useful links:
From Scientific American
Why others think it's demonic.
A Sleep Paralysis Study
And from True Ghost Tales 
Live Science
And finally a popular Video of a purported "Shadow Man " capture:

Night Night.
Paul Parducci