Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My New Favorite Short Story: The Picture in the House


Paul Parducci

Friday, February 23, 2007

Dr.Ian Stevenson and the Scientific Study of Reincarnation

Dr. Ian Stevenson recently passed. He was a researcher who devoted most of his professional career to the investigation of reincarnation.
Among his many accomplishments was the establishment of the University of Virginia's Dept of Perceptual Studies.
Here is an article on the Doctor's inquiry into Birth marks.
You can get a great overview of his life and work here.
Dr. Stevenson of course had his critics as well.

Paul Parducci

PS: Today is my birthday. Is this Post topic a coincidence...I think not!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mag Lite: Or Why I Will Never Buy Another Flashlight

Here in California you are supposed to maintain earth-quake readiness. One of the ways we do that is by keeping a flashlight handy. I own a MagLite and keep it next to my bed. Often as not I use it to read by, (I limit the beam with a blanket corner so I don't disturb my wife.)
There is an invincible quality about a Mag, it is a Hefty piece of equipment and I have enjoyed mine for five years. In those five years it has worked perfectly moving from it's usual bedside position to mountain cabins, tents and wilderness hikes.
Recently my trusty Mag went dark. I changed the batteries but still no shine. It dawned on me that perhaps the light bulb was burned out. Where would I find another one? (I'm used to things like this being a hassle.) Then a remnant of a memory drifted to the surface. I unscrewed the end of the battery tube and there it was...an EXTRA lightbulb!
I put it in, and once again:Light!
It's nice to know that Quality and Pride of workmanship is alive and well.
Mag Instrument Inc was founded in 1955 by Anthony Maglica you can read about the company here.

Paul Parducci

Sunday, February 04, 2007

J. Searle Dawley's "Frankenstein" 1910 From The Thomas Edison Studio

Watch Here.

Frankenstein, a young medical students, trying to create the perfect human being, instead creates a misshapen monster." Based on Mary Shelley's classic novel, screenplay J. Searle Dawley, directed by J. Searle Dawley, 1910.
Paul Parducci

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Bill Gates, Nightmare Boss and the Internet TV Revolution

Many of the readers of this Blog already know that in 2006 I created a Mobisode/Webisode entitled Nightmare Boss.
Beside being incredible fun for me to do, it quickly became an extremely popular comedy mobisode (Sprint Powervision Channel 19) as well as a growing phenomenon on the internet.
Now I have been in the entertainment industry for twenty years, I have been up and I have been shall we say not so up. But since the release of Nightmare Boss I have had a steady stream of media inquiries and attention from all parts of what I consider to be the upper tier of Hollywood Production.
Change is afoot. The way in which we are viewing and responding to what we consider to be television entertainment is in rapid flux.
Bill Gates spoke on this recently and I feel he hit the nail on the head. You can read it here.
Have a Great Day!
Paul Parducci

PS: Keep and eye out for the Nightmare Boss Short film Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
PSS: The image is from the great site TVHistory .TV