Thursday, February 26, 2015

Camera Man Lost: The Disappearance of Louis Le Prince

The Video at FlikBox:

 More to look at:

Excellent piece from the New York Times by Glenn Myrent

 From Historic Mysteries: Did Edison Steal Inventions?

Pre-Cinema History

An Alternate History Thread: Thomas Edison Found Guilty of Murder.

Paul Parducci

Sunday, February 15, 2015

New Webisode Comedy Series: "The How-To Wizard"

Always nervous with something new.
But I'm relieved that people seem to be liking: The "How-To Wizard."

Streaming now on FlikBox
Here is the pilot episode:

Paul Parducci

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentines Day: Hearts, Cupids, Love And A Word From The Boss

Valentines Day is here soon. (In two days as I write this)

Here is this Holiday's  history from

If you are like me you are now repeating a thought-loop: Don't forget to order those roses. And on those roses there is always either (on that small Heart-splattered card) or on one of those  metallic (Frequently heart-shaped) balloons, at least one Cupid.

And it goes without saying that Valentines day cards themselves are crammed with Cupids and Hearts.

Ten theories on why all the Hearts from ListServe here.

And as for the chubby cherub? Holiday Insights has a great overview on Cupid here.

Valentines Day is a holiday that celebrates Love of course but a very special kind of Love-Eros.

From Snipview here is a diagram of the Greek Types of Love:

In the realm of this kind of Romantic Love there are many theories on how it works:
Here are how five different Psychologists look at it.

And to top off this post on Valentines Day, A special Heart-warming Message from everybody's favorite Boss From Hell: Nightmare Boss:

Happy Valentines Day!
Paul Parducci

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Friday, February 06, 2015

The Strife Pack Commune: An Alternative Way to Live or The Kingdom of Rikki?

Rikki "Alpha" Strife
Cori "Alpha" Strife

Over the centuries there have been many attempts to live in a "New Way."
Many of us have felt at times that the way things are are not quite right. We speak of the Rat Race and the Hamster Wheel. Certainly there are pressures in society as well as the burdens of  thousands of individual decisions.
But is there another way?
Can an individual absorb him or herself into a group and find true freedom?
Can this be done without the destruction of personality?
Can individuals band together without one emerging as the absolute ruler?
Can a group community evolve without devolving to a Cult?
It was with these questions that I traveled to New Mexico with my producing partner James Quattrochi to spend some time with "The Strife Pack Commune," with the goal of developing a Reality show.
The experience was both fascinating and terrifying for me.

This short documentary will bring you into a whole new world.

Paul Parducci

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