Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Betz Mystery Sphere: Strange Object from the 1970's

Mysterious Vibrating Sphere?
Strange Organ Music?

Okay Good Overview of the whole thing from Mysterious Universe here.

Report on Navy Investigation here.

Two top questions:

Who made it?
Where is it?

Paul Parducci

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Mysterious Death of Lynn Grabhorn

Lynn Grabhorn

author of the seminal book:
Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting
as well as Beyond the Twelve Steps
She also wrote the strange:
Dear God What's Happening to Us?
And the even stranger: Planet Two

This was her final message posted on her Web Site:

To all my friends, family, and the rest of you wonderful guys...

My work here on this planet is done, and I've now joined others of the Light in a higher dimension to help facilitate the forthcoming "Birth" that this planet and universe is about to experience.

Please. PLEASE! If you have to grieve for me, hold it down to a couple of minutes, and then be done with it, for that kind of energy placed on one who has just "left" can be torturous.

Frankly, I'm excited about where I'm going, and what's coming down for all of us. Yes, both hard times and great times are coming, but I beg you, STAY with the principles of "Excuse Me..." Teach those principles in seminars, workshops, books, speaking engagements, and one-one-. That is more important than I could ever put into words.

Let people know of the steps in "Dear God...", so critically important to every individual. And then get them into the fun and excitement of "Planet Two." Teach! Spread the word! Make it UN-woo-woo, and totally down to earth.

You're a hearty, determined bunch, and while I may not know you in human person, I love you so very much. Don't stop...don't stop...DON'T STOP!!!!!!!!! You're going to be a part of an amazing new world and universe that is almost finished.

My deepest love to you all,
Lynn Grabhorn

Here is a short Film on her Final Website Post:

Her death remains mysterious
Comments and Clues are very welcome.

Paul Parducci

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Joseph Rochlitz's The Righteous Enemy (Full Version)

Joseph Rochlitz's outstanding examination of moral courage explores Italian Resistance to the Final Solution.

The Righteous Enemy (1994) [TV version - 57min.] from Joseph Rochlitz on Vimeo.

Paul Parducci

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cool Thing To Do In LA Alert (AKA) See My Buddy Todd's Show

My good pal (the brilliant writer) Todd Alcott's show "Red Herring" is a must see this Saturday night April 14th at 8 PM at:
2nd Saturdays at Six01Studio
You will recognize many of the Live Actors on stage as well as Me in the audience.
Paul Parducci

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Let's Change the Channel: Jane Roberts and the "Seth" Material

Jane Roberts (An American Psychic and Author) maintained that she channeled a life form called Seth (first contacted through a Ouiji Board)
Her works became very influential in New Age Circles. The Central theme of the work is the now familiar concept that each individual creates his/her own reality through thought.
Not everyone agrees. Here is a post from Michael Prescott's Blog
Here is the preeminent Pro Seth Site:
The Seth Learning Center
After her death in 1984 all her writings were given to the Yale Library.
You can access them here.
Paul Parducci