Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Professor Irwin Corey: The World's Foremost Authority

When I was a kid one of the things that filled my heart with joy was watching the great Professor Irwin Corey stand in front of a blackboard as the World's Foremost Authority and speak nonsense. I always seemed to be able to catch only the last minute or so of his act, so I had a perpetual sense of Not Enough Professor.
So when I heard that my great buddy Actor/ Comedian /Columnist Dave Konig would be working with him, I literally begged him to get me an autograph.
Dave dutifully asked the Comedy great for one but it was not to be. The Professor did mention that I could get one by going to his website. (I feel awkward about this so I'll say nothing)

TOOTH UPDATE: Went to my new Dentist today and got it fixed! No pressure just pure chopper artistry.
Thanks Doctor Jim!
Paul Parducci

Monday, January 30, 2006

Channel 101, SAG Awards, Mozart and a Talking Alligator

I was fortunate enough to catch the Channel 101 Show at Cinespace over in Hollywood last night.
(I had the evening free since through some grievous oversight I was not nominated for a SAG Award)
It was terrific! Hilarious! It just may be the unavoidable future of Entertainment.
Neglected to mention Mozart's birthday on the 27th but Viking Zen wrote all about it including a reference to Bergman's The Magic Flute. It's on my watch list (for when I'm done playing Call of Duty of course.)
Read for the role of Crocco in the new Disney Reanimated project. Despite the name, Crocco is an Alligator.(please no comments on this, trust me it's fully explained and it works on the page) I'll keep you posted on this.
I didn't have any current pictures of Austria(Mozart's birthplace) but here's a shot of a Windmill from my last trip to the Netherlands.
Thanks Again!
Paul Parducci

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Life in Hollywood can be Tough!

One of the brutally difficult things I do during my average work week is go into small sound proof rooms called "booths," and speak into microphones!!! This event is called Voice Over.
Here I am at the mic at Imperium 7.
And thats the outstanding Marni Anhalt directing from outside the booth.
I know, I know, a situation like this can seem unimaginably trying, but I have learned to just steel myself and press on.
Much Thanks!
Paul Parducci

Friday, January 27, 2006

Brad Pitt, Madonna, Uncle Paul and the Mean Bunny Clock

Paul Parducci as Uncle Paul
It's easy to be a fan of Brad Pitt or Madonna.
But it takes guts and foresight to support the career of Yours Truly.
I would like to thank all my supporters worldwide. You are a mighty lot and may I say you have great taste as well!
There are lots of great new products in the official Paul for All! Store
( many requests for Mean Bunny products so we've added a few including the Mean Bunny Wall Clock. )
And some of the newer adherents to Paul Parducci World have asked where Mean Bunny comes from.
It's actually me as host of the now defunct kids show for adults on Cartoon Network called "The Uncle Paul Show." I created the show and wrote it along with the late great comedy genius Russ Reiley and the split your side funny Karl Tiedemann. The show was championed by the great TV Exec Mike Lazzo and directed by the brilliant Tom Arcuragi.
I'll try to dig up additional Uncle Paul detritus and post them in the future.
Much Thanks!
Paul Parducci

Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Joy of Obscure Games

As I've described before I am a real games guy--and one of my all time favorite games is "Kings Table" a game of Viking origin and a major precursor to Chess, it is also known as "Tablut."
Here is a great link on the game:http://www.ludoteka.com/tablut-en.html
You can also click on: Best Game in the World! in my links column.
Paul Parducci

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

On the Case at Warner Bros

I had a meeting today for the CBS hit drama "Cold Case. "
I Guested on the show last season and had a great time working with the terrific director Paul Holahan, Executive Producer Meridith Steihm and a great script by Jan Oxenberg.
Warners Bros. is a fantastic studio drenched in history and I have been lucky enough to have shot there many, many times.
In my opinion Warner Bros. has the best Logo in Hollywood.
Paul Parducci

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Be Happy Today!

Experts ( I don't know exactly who they are) are telling us that today January 24th is the most depressing day of the year.
Because I am by nature a contrarian I have decided to make this day an extra happy one and I encourage everyone reading this post to do the same.
Have a Great Day!
Paul Parducci

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Looking for Comedy in the Cineplex World

The pickings seemed to be slim this weekend Movie-wise---of course I wanted to see "Hostel" and my wife wanted to see some movie with people talking in kitchens.
But we're both big Albert Brooks fans so when we found it running not to far from our home we caught it. The theater was packed, my wife loved it.
As for me, so for I've found this review to be the one I agree with most:
Paul Parducci

Friday, January 20, 2006

Very Funny Site!

Fake ads at www.Worth1000.com
Paul Parducci

Today the Pond, Tomorrow the World!

Has any body seen this?
Frogs (1972) directed by George McCowan
Described by Variety as:"A shocker reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds"
It has two of my favorite actors Ray Milland and a very young Sam Elliot.
Paul Parducci

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Dental Pressure

Dental appointment today. I had to go.
Woke up with a rough spot on one of my lower front teeth.
I had a thorough cleaning (which I really enjoyed--do I have a problem?) and then I entered another chamber for my official appointment.
My dentist (a happy guy who sports Hawaiian shirts who will remain nameless because my Actor Malpractice Insurance has too high of a deductible.) smoothed out the rough spot and then produced a mirror.
"You are going to want to fix this." he said.
--he showed me the reduction in opacity his smoothing had produced on one of the affected tooth's corners--
"Close enough for hand grenades," I said.
Unamused he responded with: "I don't know much about hand grenades but you are going to need a crown on that tooth. "
"Can't you just add some bonding?"
"Oh no, if I did you wouldn't even be able to close your mouth."
"How long will it take?"
"About four visits."
I hesitated.
"You are going to want to get a crown," (his look was like dual daggers made of steel forged in the blood of some accusing large eyed mammal known for its powers of condemnation.)
He locked on with the full might of the Art and Science of Dentistry.
I was once again a victim of Dental Pressure.
I stammered some kind of "I'll think about it." and I left.
Lets face it America our dentists have turned into Car Salesman. The last time I felt pressure like this was at a volume Dodge dealer on Route 22.
I am still recovering emotionally.
Paul Parducci

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

On this day... I was a Troll

Today I auditioned for the role of the Troll for the new Disney animated feature "Enchanted."
There is very little I can add to his statement.
Paul Parducci

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Terrific Week... I take my apology back about the dog post

This was a really fun and productive week.
There is some interest in a project I wrote, but I won't discuss it right now because I still hold huge helpings of actor superstition.

And I have to say that my new dog Shadow is a brilliant and happy canine----I really love this dog.
Here's a picture taken by my lovely wife Kelly.
Paul Parducci

Friday, January 13, 2006

Thinking about Paris...

Notre Dame Baby!
Paul Parducci 

Taco Night

Last night was Taco night at the Parducci home.
We started this tradition about a month ago and it has proven to be thoroughly enjoyable.
As simple as it is it does add a certain (I was going to say "flair" but because of one of my favorite movies Mike Judge's Office Space, I cannot so I'll say...) excitement to the dinner schedule. Tacos done at home seem to be completely different from grabbing one while on the run. I love to travel and there is a feeling on Taco night I find of seeing or doing something new in a different place. Maybe it's the stations you have to set up to construct them or the different smells that accompany the grilling of the spiced beef (we have beef)
In any case I woke up thinking about where to go next.
Along those lines here's a picture from Paris this summer.
Paul Parducci

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Sorry about the dog post.

It was probably the Nadir of too much time off (but I do like the dog)

Back to work today!

Voice audition for a new video game Top Secret I'm afraid (actually I don't know if it was top secret, I just didn't see a title on the script.

Then a great meeting over at Nickelodeon Animation Studios---orange baby!

Also went in for Commander in Chief for a role that seemed to me to be more of a memory of an acting role or perhaps the lingering aroma of a part rather than a part itself. But my agent assured me that this was a role with great potential to recur.
So I went.
The meeting was at Raleigh Studios and just walking on put me in a great mood, (The Casting Director Steve Brooksbank is just one of those nice easy going guys so the audition was very pleasant) and when I left, I decided to take the long way around the studio. I am very glad I did. Memories flooded as I rounded the corner. Years ago I shot the great Dennis Quaid Danny Glover Thriller Switchback on this very lot and my trailer was parked right there on Citrus St. I looked, I felt, I smiled. I've been around long enough to have a history!
After twenty years I have to admit it--- I still love this job.
See You later,
Paul Parducci

Monday, January 09, 2006

My new dog Shadow

Paul Parducci starring in Cartoon Network's Uncle Paul Show

We picked up a great shelter dog this weekend, an eight year old smart as a whip Pug/ Chihuahua mix my son named Shadow. (he's mostly black with some white highlights here and there and weighs in at eighteen pounds-we have him on diet food he's got to knock off a coupla LB's)
His former owner had to leave quickly for somewhere so this outstanding canine specimen had been lanquishing in a county facility since Dec 5th.
So if you are in the market for a dog don't rule out checking out the animal shelters.

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men...? The Shadow knows!
Paul Parducci
PS: I don't have a dog picture yet, but here I am in a bunny suit from my Cartoon Network Show: "The Uncle Paul Show."