Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Attention Filmmakers Make a Short Book Trailer For Paul Parducci's new Novel "Wet Linda"and You could Win the Amazing Kindle Fire!

We're having a contest for my new (it's also my first) Novel "Wet Linda: A Novel of Liquid Horror"

The Rules:

Make a Book Trailer (Two Minutes Maximum length) that you feel best describes and promotes the book: "Wet Linda" by Paul Parducci
(Remember to include a link to it's amazon page)

Limit One Video per filmmaker.

Upload them to Youtube and comment here with a link.

(I have a secret panel of judges from various corners of the Hollywood universe who will carefully judge them for cinematic excellence)
The Contest Parameters:
If 1 to 10 Videos are made the prize is a Terrific read anywhere Regular Kindle.

If 10 to 20 videos are made the prize is the upgraded Kindle touch.


And if over 20 "Wet Linda" Book Trailers are made? A Brand New Kindle Fire!

The winner will also be permanently featured on this Blog.
Contest is open until March 31st.
Winners will be announced on Friday the 13th of April 2012 (Wet Linda's Favorite Day)
So get out your cameras and warm up your computers and tell your friends-(the more the scarier and the better the prize!)
Have a Great Day-
Paul Parducci

Disclaimer: Of course rules are subject to change- ie: we might have to set up another outlet or something but what will not change is the meat of the competition (so if only one person makes a trailer, that one person is going home with a Kindle Guaranteed)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Wet Linda ebook Cover!

I Think it looks pretty cool.
Paul Parducci

PS: Don't forget to buy a copy for that very special lover of Water Demons in your life. It's still on an (Amazon Kindle Special)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Leap Year Book Sale

My Book's on Special for Leap Year over at the Amazon Kindle Book Store!
99 Cent only price will kick in sometime on Monday and Should run through Wednesday Night. So this is a chance to get a Novel that the UK's Ebookwyrm called "Horror as it Should be," for pocket change! 
Paul Parducci

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Word-Coining Time! I now declare the rise of the E-perback! (Or Why $2.99 is the new Black when it comes to Genre Lit)

The small but hardy band of Readers, Watchers and Infidels who follow my attempts at Art know all too well that I recently published my first Novel"Wet Linda"(It's a Horror people)
Now it's doing pretty well and I am excited to be a small part of the World of Letters.
But the single most asked question I receive is: Why only $2.99?
Here is my logic.

I always think of Paperbacks when I think of Genre Lit. (You know Mysteries, Thrillers, Horror etc.)
I am looking at one of my favorites"Off Season" from the Brilliant Author Jack Ketchum right now.
The Price tag? $6.99 I picked it up in 2006 or 7. Now you are looking at north of $9.99
Anything in the 4.99-6.99 range always seemed right to me when it came to Paperbacks.
I figured they are cheaper to make, (I throw them around, I dog ear the pages) I can live with 5 to 7 bucks.
(Wow "7" looked  like too much when I just wrote it-$6.99 is better)

The bottom line, I have a set point price-wise for a paperback. Because my perception (whether or not it's true doesn't matter to my Limbic system) is that  a Paperback is cheaper to produce than a Hardback in all its robust dust-covered glory.

Ebooks are digital and we're used to paying less for digital things: Music $.99-$1.29 for instance)
Earlier there was even a protest

And for me 2.99-3.99 in the digital world is the equivalent of 4.99-6.99 in the Material world.
And 4.99 is what I (would like pay if it were possible to so in this universe) for a new author in paperback-
IE: "Me."
So $2.99 it is.

$2.99 for the E-perback!
E-perback Arise!
Oh and Buy My Book er E-perback!
Paul Parducci

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thank you for your patience as you can see I just revamped my Entire Blog
I will be adding back my links over the next few days.
Paul Parducci

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Reading's Digital Future is So Here.

 I am more or less a constant reader. I read anything and everything. The printed word is a magnet for my eyes. For as long as I can remember I have been surrounded by books. Paperbacks, Soft and Hardcovers. Crammed on my two-rows deep book shelves. Stacked on Coffee tables, end tables and nightstands. On the backseat of my car...You get the picture.
Two years ago for Christmas I received a Kindle 2. I immediately bought a cover (a cool pebbly thing) and carried it everywhere. I loved it. With the e-ink technology you can read in the sun. Very handy here in Southern California but I also read at night and so as not to disturb my wife I had to use a flashlight.
This Christmas my aforementioned terrific wife gave me a Kindle Fire. I found even though it has a regular screen (between a good pair of sunglasses and easily adjustable brightness controls) I can still read in the sun BUT now I can also read at night without a flashlight!
My Kindle Fire and I are absolutely inseparable now.
My point?
In the two years or so since Kindle I've purchased perhaps three paper units of reading material.
So I found this excellent piece by Sarah Lacy at PandoDaily to be right on the money.
Yes Geometric change is afoot.
I took this picture on a recent cruise. (Kindles and ipads were ubiquitous)
I also released my first novel which is selling well as a Kindle Exclusive and may never see actual paper and print.
Gutenberg would be proud!
Happy eReading-
Paul Parducci

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

My New Novel: Wet Linda

A Terrifying Novel about something Bad from the Water.
Hope you like it. Remember it's not for little kids!
Paul Parducci
PS: I'm attempting an all digital life for this Book meaning that for the near future it will only be available on the various Kindle Platforms.