Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hadley's Date Shake, Mad About You and Bruno Kirby

I was going through my desk yesterday and I ran across this postcard from Hadley Fruit Orchards.
The postcard became a MEMORY TRIGGER:

One of my favorite roles, really a career changing role for me was when I played the very Grumpy "Dante" on the wonderful Paul Reiser/Helen Hunt sitcom Mad About You. (The show was created by Paul along with Danny Jacobson and Executive produced by Larry Charles, Richard Day and Marjorie Weitzman)
I also worked with the great actor Bruno Kirby and between set-ups we were talking about driving to Palm Springs.(I think I was planning to go that weekend) That's when Bruno described for me the best Date Shake in the world, (which he maintained was sold at Hadley's just off the highway on the way to Palm Springs.)
Now I'm the kind of guy who takes stuff like this seriously. So on my next trip out to the desert oasis I procured one of those shakes and found Mr. Kirby to be absolutely correct.
(At this point I have to add that what I mean exactly is that the Date shake was fantastic in every way; creamy, cold, sweet, fresh etc. But I have never been anywhere else where "Date Shakes" were sold. I just can't imagine having a better date shake.)
---Actually now that I think of it Bruno might have just said that they have a wonderful date shake there or something like that--- this is the trouble with memory.
Bottom line: I've stopped at Hadley's on at least three different occasions and each time their date shake completely satisfied. ( I like their Date/ Banana combination the best)
Have a Great Day!
Paul Parducci

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Anonymous said...

Bruno Kirby will be sadly missed. I loved everything he did. I'll toast him with my next date shake!