Thursday, June 07, 2007

Terence Fisher's "Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed"

"Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed" is a film deals with the human aspects inherent in bringing someone back to life. Although I have never been able to get through Shelley's Frankenstein (chalk it up to ADD.) Others who have have stated that this film comes the closest to Shelley's vision.
I just saw it and was extremely impressed by director Terence Fisher's vision. I highly recommend this movie for anyone interested in seeing a Frankenstein movie that isn't all about stomping around, dark castles and villagers. Hammer studios the venerable Studio that dripped blood put out this film. As I have spoken about before in this Blog, Hammer's rival (Amicus) has been a great influence on my take on this genre as well as my love of film. Amicus tended to present Modern Horror in a Contemporary setting. This was always more naturally to my liking so I generally avoided any scare pic with gaslights and horse-drawn carriages in it. Consequently I have not seen that many films put out by Hammer. But this take on the Frankenstein story has moved me in a whole new direction and made me want to see more of Fisher's brilliant yet largely over-looked work . And as he made most of his most memorable works with Hammer there will now be lots of Hammer on my queue.

Paul Parducci

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