Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mind Over Matter,The Secret, Random Number Generators and the Physics of Intention

Recently the book "The Secret," which touts the Law of Attraction has been flying off the shelves. Although it's is slowing a bit now (I'm starting to see unsold stacks of books and CD's.)Despite the strong feelings on both sides of the concepts espoused by the books experts, at the heart of all this current inquiry into "mind Power," is the legitimate question as to whether an individual's thoughts can actually influence the physical world.
In addition to armies of True Believers, there are also scientists involved with determining whether or not there is anything to this.
Here are some links to get you up to speed:
Princeton's Lab set up to study Engineering Anamolies. (Closed in February 2007) PEAR.
Is it true? Can we really use Mind over Matter?
I have some of the smartest readers in the blogoshere and as always I welcome your comments.

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Abundance said...

Thanks for the reference sites.

The laws of vibration and attraction are complicated as it but this links provided are great!


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