Sunday, August 05, 2007

What's the Deal with Ouija Boards?

 With the new horror movie "Ouija" out I thought I'd revitalize this post I did on this creepy parlor activity.
One of my earliest memories concerning a Ouija Board is my Mom warning me never to use one. She owned one as a teenager and while using it to communicate with a favorite cousin who had been killed in the war, had a very unpleasant and terrifying experience. After that she threw it away never to even touch one again.

As for myself, after reading extensively about this purported communication device, my advice is to stay away. A better source of answers is a good encyclopedia or your Aunt Martha (Your living Aunt Martha that is.)
Here is a blog dedicated to them.
And the Web Ouija.

OK, even after my Mother's warnings and my own promise to never touch one myself, while writing this post I had a nearly overwhelming urge to try it.(Read: "nearly" I didn't do it.) I guess there will always be a desire deep inside for extra-earthly, extra-here and now information.
Good Luck All!

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