Saturday, May 09, 2009

JJ Abrams' Star Trek

I was among the throng that went to see this much anticipated re-start of this Sci-Fi behemoth.

After purchasing tickets early in the day I had the privilege of standing in line with my family. I say privilege because the waiting was all part of the fun. In the great hall of my local multi-plex, a party atmosphere was in full effect. (Our line backed into another line waiting for another show.) Kids connected with each other while families goofed and smiled as they balanced vats of popcorn. (My family did the same.)
After twenty minutes the line moved and we took our seats. My wife and I frequently joke that the coming attractions always seem better than the movie we are about to see. There was none of this feeling last night. The trailers were fine but not a single frame held the promise of besting what was to come.
We watched the movie.
Star Trek was always a family thing for me, I absorbed the original series with my father and brothers countless times-its episodes are as much a part of my childhood as Hawaiian Punch and GI Joe. And gratefully it is from the original series that Abrams uses as the bedrock for this fantastic piece of Cinema.
It is heroic without devolving into Character jingoism and action-filled without being exhausting.
The Script, Direction, Acting, Production and Sound design, Special Effects and Music are all prime examples of what this town does best.
Go ahead now to that thing with your fingers.
Live Long and... wait maybe I'll just say "Good Luck." (You'll know why after you see the movie.)
Paul Parducci


movie scary said...

I heard that the remake is a must see!

Bald Headed Geek said...

I loved the movie, Mr. Parducci. IMHO, it's better than any of the originals or the TNG editions!