Friday, September 02, 2011

Chris Hall's "Zoo City"

Paul Parducci Stars as "Big Jimmy Legato" in the Crime Series "Zoo City"
Last year I had the privilege of working with an outstanding team led by Writer/Director Chris Hall.
I played Crime Boss Big Jimmy and had an absolute blast being very, very bad.
Attn Parents this clip contains both violence and "Language."
Here is the Teaser:

ZOO CITY - Webseries Teaser from Christopher Hall on Vimeo.
Paul Parducci

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Christopher Hall said...

hey paul! so cool to find your blog and catch up with you. and sorry we didn't get a chance to talk more the other day, but as I mentioned, it was a pretty big day for me ;)

i'm doing well and currently trying to sell a TV pitch, which is very exciting. but I do occasionally revisit that old teaser and think we did a pretty darn good job. even though I know we did the right thing by going after the lead we had to make it into a TV show, a big part of me wishes we shot the whole thing.

anyway, did I see your likeness and voice in the video game L.A. NOIRE? If not, there is someone out there impersonating you ;) the game was pretty cool, but seeing you made it amazing.

let's catch up for real sometime. email me and let's get lunch or something.