Saturday, December 03, 2011

John Logie Baird: And Mechanical Television

Our visual world has evolved so quickly that many interesting and crucial aspirants are left in dusty corners.
This little 30 line wedge is one of my favorites.
Felix the Cat on Mechanical Television Circa 1930

Baird Mechanical Television image

John Logie Baird
Utilizing Mechanical Scanning Technology that would make any Steam Punk proud Mr. Baird sent pictures through the air.
Great Overview:

Paul Parducci
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harry dalek said...

Hi i am right into mechanical television its still alive and well today .
i am into 2 motor designs which give a large image.
You can well my experiments on the NBTV FORUMS
need to sign up free for views of the projects but not sure if you can view them as a guest.

harry dalek said...

Hi i am right into mechanical television .
You can see my experiments at
mechanical television is still alive john logie baird has still got a lot of fans as well as a lot of lesser known experimenter inventors around the same time ...on the forum you get the picture no one man invented television...and it would of been invented by some one the point is a lot of people helped depending on where you live you have your own hero of television even here in australia !