Monday, May 14, 2012

The Theresienstadt Nazi Propaganda Film (1944)

Among the many ghastly events of the Third Reich's Reign of Terror was the Propaganda film Theresienstadt that Actor/Director Kurt Gerron was forced to make for his captures.
I normally list the Director's name before the Title in Posts like this, but out of respect for the great talent and character of Mr. Gerron (He was a War Hero and a warm and generous person in addition to being a great talent) I will not count this among his extensive credits and I have every confidence that he would approve.
Kurt Gerron and his family were shipped off to Auschwitz immediately after this film was completed and murdered the next day on October 28, 1944.
Although the film itself was destroyed, some significant footage remains:

Kurt Gerron sings "Mack The Knife" from "Three Penny Opera."

I attempted to come up with some kind of closing statement for this post but came up dry.
Real Evil tends to take the words away.
Paul Parducci

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