Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Mandela Effect: Are We Living in Alternate Timelines?

 Have you ever seen something that you could have sworn was somehow "Different?"
 Charles Shultz created Peanuts...right?

Fiona Broome's  Dedicated Website

Mandela Effect Reddit

Many Worlds Theory

Berenstein or BerenStain Bears?

Quantum Computing is in its early stages but there is every indication that these machines are connecting with Parallel Realities- Could this potentially alter minor elements in our reality?

Or Maybe it really is all in our minds and the way we process Memory:

 Debunking The Mandela Effect 

Nice one from ReignBotHorror: The Mandela Effect Explained:

With two feet firmly in what I consider to be my own sold unwavering Timeline-
Paul Parducci

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