Tuesday, December 27, 2005

"Risky" Business

This Christmas Santa brought a whole lotta games: Davinci's Challenge, SET, King's Table, Apples to Apples and RISK.
I am a games guy and I come from a games family but for one reason or another I had never played RISK. The box describes it as "The Game of Global Domination." I had quite a bit of family visiting, so I grabbed two, my brother Jim (who is a games guy like me ) and my brother-in-law Greg. My son Patrick was far too involved with a stack of new video games to be bothered with sitting for hours at a table with a furrowed brow.
Three days, eight (That's right 8) matches and many bitter and taunting words later I can honestly say that in playing this game you risk developing an obsession as well as permanent rifts between family members.
But it is so fun...
This morning my house is hear-the-kitchen-clock quiet as my Christmas visitors/opponents have all returned home.
They say that Alexander the Great wept when there were no more world's to conquer...I know now just how he felt.
See you later,
Paul Parducci

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isirota1965 said...

I have been a Risk addict since I was a child, Mr. Parducci. Even though you wrote this entry 13 months ago, I hope that you are still playing the game!