Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Lily Dale,Psychic Mediums and James Van Praagh

I just finished reading Christine Wicker's book Lily Dale about the upstate New York Spiritualist community. It was a little jumpy for me but it did succeed in giving me an overview of what goes on there.
I am not a believer in Mediums, I remain unconvinced of any real phenomena occurring. But if anyone feels they have absolute proof, that a medium had either predicted the future or contacted the other side please let me know.

Here is a great piece by Joe Nickell on frequent TV show guest James Van Praagh.
Paul Parducci

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Allyson Diana said...

I am currently reading Christine Wicker's Book on Lily Dale and I am as skeptical as you about Mediums, although I do believe they could be psychic and only reading the person and not talking to the dead. Or they could just be intitutive people. It was nice to communicate with someone else who has read the book.