Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Birthday America!

I am an American, I was fortunate to have been born a citizen in this wide beautiful land where most of the time we seem to agree on nothing at all. We pray different ways, we dress different ways, we vote different ways. But somehow We are a People.
We've been stumbling our way toward an ideal for over two and a quarter centuries,sometimes quickly...mostly not. We usually start to get something right after every other option has been tried. But we keep moving forward. Americans are a rebellious bunch and we do not quit. We don't look alike, but there is something about the way we carry ourselves that marks us for who we are. And there is something else... underneath, a quiet joyful secret we all share in our ambitious, striving, Don't Tread on Me hearts. Ain't freedom grand!
Happy Birthday America (and please be careful with the fireworks.)
Paul Parducci

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