Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fool's Day and Driving to Grants' or Made You Look!

My Mom is a terrific lady. with my Dad (also terrific) she raised five boys. She was never however a Joke-ster. I mean she would laugh and she would tell jokes from time to time etc. But she was primarily about the business of cooking meals for her huge brood and doing laundry and keeping the house immaculate, telling us she loved us,(and praying for us) in short my Mom was then and is now a textbook example of the perfect loving Domestic Engineer. That is why the coming of April first was always a surprise for me. I remember one incident in particular, it was a Saturday morning and we were driving to the Grant's department store. (We went there a lot on weekends.) On the way to the on ramp we always passed through a neighborhood of tightly grouped houses. So this morning as we were passing through my Mom said,"Look at that huge hole in that house!"I turned immediately to look and said of course, "Where?" My brother Jim turned as well, craning his head to the side of mine as we both peered out the back window of our Impala station wagon. "April Fool!" my Mom called out. She has gotten me many times over the years. I never expect it, so I always look. We live a continent apart now-so the Fool has to come by phone. Maybe this year I'll get my Mother first. I have to go now and think up something real good. Love you Mom!
Happy April Fool's Day Everybody,

Paul Parducci
PS: The Eyes are from Illusion works

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