Saturday, April 07, 2007

Neil Marshall's The Descent

Just watched Neil Marshall's Appalachian Cave Horror; "The Descent." (I know I'm late, but my excuse for not watching it in a theater would bore you to death.)
If you enjoyed his previous film "Dog Soldiers," (I certainly did.) you will have a great time with this one. I must warn you however that it is very claustrophobic at times. At one point I had to pause the DVD to geta breath of fresh air.
Marshall is a Writer/Director who is not afraid to go to the bleaker edges of life. In fact the original title for this film was "The Dark."
So, get an oxygen tank and a bowl of popcorn or almonds if you eat low carb and follow Sarah, Juno and the rest of the gals into the bowels of the earth for some tight squeezed, hard to breath, help me
Paul Parducci

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Nicolas said...

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