Friday, December 07, 2007

Why Do I Have To Create What I Have to Create?

Or maybe the question is: Why am I an Artist? Or more particularly why am I a Filmmaker?

After two decades of professional creative endeavor I am still both energized and vexed by the constant drive to do certain things: to make films, to write screenplays and to learn more about presenting my ideas and stories visually.

I was walking through a bookstore last night and I wondered, why don't I want to write books but I want to make films? Why this type of Storytelling and not others? Why do it at all? It would be better and certainly "easier" not to make them. I could focus on acting alone, an area I have done pretty well in.)

This drive to create Cinema has been called the "Silver Addiction,"(because of the silver salts on film stock) and I can understand why. Sometimes it feels like one. But it's no different I suspect from other Artists driven to create what they have to create.

In many respects Creativity itself is still a mystery, here is an excellent overview of the subject.
Paul Parducci
PS: The pictures from Tod Browning's silent classic The Unholy Three.

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