Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Word-Coining Time! I now declare the rise of the E-perback! (Or Why $2.99 is the new Black when it comes to Genre Lit)

The small but hardy band of Readers, Watchers and Infidels who follow my attempts at Art know all too well that I recently published my first Novel"Wet Linda"(It's a Horror people)
Now it's doing pretty well and I am excited to be a small part of the World of Letters.
But the single most asked question I receive is: Why only $2.99?
Here is my logic.

I always think of Paperbacks when I think of Genre Lit. (You know Mysteries, Thrillers, Horror etc.)
I am looking at one of my favorites"Off Season" from the Brilliant Author Jack Ketchum right now.
The Price tag? $6.99 I picked it up in 2006 or 7. Now you are looking at north of $9.99
Anything in the 4.99-6.99 range always seemed right to me when it came to Paperbacks.
I figured they are cheaper to make, (I throw them around, I dog ear the pages) I can live with 5 to 7 bucks.
(Wow "7" looked  like too much when I just wrote it-$6.99 is better)

The bottom line, I have a set point price-wise for a paperback. Because my perception (whether or not it's true doesn't matter to my Limbic system) is that  a Paperback is cheaper to produce than a Hardback in all its robust dust-covered glory.

Ebooks are digital and we're used to paying less for digital things: Music $.99-$1.29 for instance)
Earlier there was even a protest

And for me 2.99-3.99 in the digital world is the equivalent of 4.99-6.99 in the Material world.
And 4.99 is what I (would like pay if it were possible to so in this universe) for a new author in paperback-
IE: "Me."
So $2.99 it is.

$2.99 for the E-perback!
E-perback Arise!
Oh and Buy My Book er E-perback!
Paul Parducci

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