Sunday, February 19, 2012

Reading's Digital Future is So Here.

 I am more or less a constant reader. I read anything and everything. The printed word is a magnet for my eyes. For as long as I can remember I have been surrounded by books. Paperbacks, Soft and Hardcovers. Crammed on my two-rows deep book shelves. Stacked on Coffee tables, end tables and nightstands. On the backseat of my car...You get the picture.
Two years ago for Christmas I received a Kindle 2. I immediately bought a cover (a cool pebbly thing) and carried it everywhere. I loved it. With the e-ink technology you can read in the sun. Very handy here in Southern California but I also read at night and so as not to disturb my wife I had to use a flashlight.
This Christmas my aforementioned terrific wife gave me a Kindle Fire. I found even though it has a regular screen (between a good pair of sunglasses and easily adjustable brightness controls) I can still read in the sun BUT now I can also read at night without a flashlight!
My Kindle Fire and I are absolutely inseparable now.
My point?
In the two years or so since Kindle I've purchased perhaps three paper units of reading material.
So I found this excellent piece by Sarah Lacy at PandoDaily to be right on the money.
Yes Geometric change is afoot.
I took this picture on a recent cruise. (Kindles and ipads were ubiquitous)
I also released my first novel which is selling well as a Kindle Exclusive and may never see actual paper and print.
Gutenberg would be proud!
Happy eReading-
Paul Parducci

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