Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Let's Change the Channel: Jane Roberts and the "Seth" Material

Jane Roberts (An American Psychic and Author) maintained that she channeled a life form called Seth (first contacted through a Ouiji Board)
Her works became very influential in New Age Circles. The Central theme of the work is the now familiar concept that each individual creates his/her own reality through thought.
Not everyone agrees. Here is a post from Michael Prescott's Blog
Here is the preeminent Pro Seth Site:
The Seth Learning Center
After her death in 1984 all her writings were given to the Yale Library.
You can access them here.
Paul Parducci

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Anonymous said...

Jane Roberts never claimed to be a psychic nor a medium. Others have erroneously given her that appellation. Jane Roberts trasmitted information whle in a form of trance. The iniformation is not relgiously based, though it does address religious issues such as god though Seth does not like to use the word god, he prefers to describe its orgins as "All That Is". Wha tis most ineresting is that "All That Is" no longer recollects its own source though it knows there was a source to itself, this is quite surprising to read in "Seth Speaks". Thus there is the real possibility that "All That Is" is only one of many, a concept I had forgotten after 30 years, but one that we should keep in mind. Thus All That Is orginated from outside itself and thus there is another foundation beyond god or "All that Is".

Yale University has in their library all of the original material produced by Jane Robers and her Husband Robert F. Butts, however the material must be viewed on site and is not available electronically.

The books have been taken over sadly by a Rick Stak of the sethcenter for personal profit and not to facilitate the access of the Seth inforamtion to the world.