Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Mysterious Death of Lynn Grabhorn

Lynn Grabhorn

author of the seminal book:
Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting
as well as Beyond the Twelve Steps
She also wrote the strange:
Dear God What's Happening to Us?
And the even stranger: Planet Two

This was her final message posted on her Web Site:

To all my friends, family, and the rest of you wonderful guys...

My work here on this planet is done, and I've now joined others of the Light in a higher dimension to help facilitate the forthcoming "Birth" that this planet and universe is about to experience.

Please. PLEASE! If you have to grieve for me, hold it down to a couple of minutes, and then be done with it, for that kind of energy placed on one who has just "left" can be torturous.

Frankly, I'm excited about where I'm going, and what's coming down for all of us. Yes, both hard times and great times are coming, but I beg you, STAY with the principles of "Excuse Me..." Teach those principles in seminars, workshops, books, speaking engagements, and one-one-. That is more important than I could ever put into words.

Let people know of the steps in "Dear God...", so critically important to every individual. And then get them into the fun and excitement of "Planet Two." Teach! Spread the word! Make it UN-woo-woo, and totally down to earth.

You're a hearty, determined bunch, and while I may not know you in human person, I love you so very much. Don't stop...don't stop...DON'T STOP!!!!!!!!! You're going to be a part of an amazing new world and universe that is almost finished.

My deepest love to you all,
Lynn Grabhorn

Here is a short Film on her Final Website Post:

Her death remains mysterious
Comments and Clues are very welcome.

Paul Parducci

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Jaza Cyra University said...

It's so sad!!!

Anonymous said...

It's not to be sad about. Remember, "death" is a joke? Get your focus off the "sad" of it and into the happy of it.

Jaza Cyra University said...

Anonymous, i felt sad about grabhorn because during my depressed stage of my life, her book help me a lot and when i searched her name on google, i was shocked that she died. I am still thankful to her because that time, her book made a miracle in my life!

Anonymous said...

Nicely put! Death is after all an amazing exciting adventure. I love life and equally looking forward not to die but to experience some thrilling journey in the unknown;)

Anonymous said...

Are we sure she is gone?

Shelly Sullivan said...

I was there. I was the one that found her when she did commit suicide on May 5th of 2004 I found her at 10:45 a.m. There is a police report to prove it. I had cleaned for her for years and I had taken care of her dogs and she would go out with seminars and do grocery shopping for her. if you have any questions please go to her Facebook page and leave a message for me.

Anonymous said...

I think with time...and teachings from other folks that is now just starting to become mainstream...that we will find she was right on about so much, and way ahead of her time.

Sho Fli said...

Sorry but this woman was a deluded nutcase...

GoodVibes said...

Do you know her date of birth??

GoodVibes said...

Do you know her date of birth??