Friday, January 01, 2016

It's 2016. May I Offer an Obsession? John Titor, The IBM 5100 and (For Real?) Time Travel

 What's the deal with John Titor?
 Was #JohnTitor a Real Time Traveler?
Purported Army Unit patch of Time Traveler John Titor

Are We Living in an Altered Worldline?
Is this what John Titor came for?

Okay stick with this a bit. I've tried to be comprehensive here so you can get  your hands on this one.
I promise you, whether it's the physics, the possibility, the narrative or the many obsessional aspects to this, you will be fascinated.

First: probably best to gain a basic understanding of Hugh Everett's Many World's Theory:

John Titor's Time Machine
John Titor Original Faxes from Above Top Secret:

The site run by Dedicated John Titor Scholar Oliver Williams:

His interview on the Kevin Moore Show:

Original John Titor Posts from Art Bell via

From Stranger Dimensions-John Titor Predictions

From IBM's Hometown-Rochester Magazine

Strategic Brains

David Weatherly

Jeanette Foresta's purported communication with Titor in 1998:

John Titor on Art Bell:

Other Folks building Time Machines

Other Time Travel Cases?

1975: The People History
Where is John Titor Series:

The Book from John Titor's Mother?

And from a different angle:
Interview with John Titor Attorney  Larry Haber from Jimmy Church Radio:

And a deleted Larry Haber (discussing John Titor) clip:

From Hoax Hunter (John Razimus):

 And of course there's a movie in the works:

In this World Line I've been writing this Blog for over Ten Years-
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