Thursday, January 21, 2016

Lost Television History: Help Turner (and Myself) Find a Bit of Tape

This is the first time in Ten years of this Blog that I am posting anything like this.
Way back in 1996 I did a show Called the "Uncle Paul Show" in the early days of Cartoon Network.
(Airdates: June 29-June 30, 1996. )
I've done many things over the years but this one is a favorite project.
Here is the show circled in an old TV Guide. (Some of my older readers may remember when we looked at these kinds of things in print.)
Paul Parducci's "Uncle Paul Show" listing from TV Guide.
I very much enjoyed the people I worked with. In particular the brilliant duo of Keith Crofford and Mike Lazzo- who went on to create and continue to drive the mold-breaking TV Universe of Adult Swim. (And of course my great forever pals Russ Reiley (on script)  and Mark Newgarden (Set Design)
Here I am in the Press Release Promo Shot:
Press Promo for Paul Parducci's "Uncle Paul Show" on Cartoon Network.
 Well for the past year or so, the good folks at Turner Broadcasting have been scouring the vaults for a copy of this show to no avail.
So I am asking  for your help.
If anyone out there has a copy or knows where we can find one please post here.
Or contact me through (Producer Inquiries under Contact Information for Paul on the Side Bar)
You can also connect through Twitter or Facebook
Your Assistance is Greatly Appreciated- (And I will Laud you mightily!)
Paul Parducci

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