Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Long Overdue Watching and a Russian Possession

Well I'm back.
Had a great trip back east visited with family, did some Leaf peeping in Massachusetts and New Hampshire and caught up on some movies.
Finally saw The Aviator: Excellent (It's Scorcese what did I expect? Cate Blanchett as Katherine Hepburn: Amazing)
Robert Schwentke's Flight Plan: Great Cast, Big Fun! See it.
and The Exorcism of Emily Rose: If you are a regular reader of this Blog you would probably think this would be a day of release viewing for me. But I must admit to a prejudice: I am suspicious of Horror movies rated anything other than "R." And Emily Rose is PG-13 so I thought it would be at the very least ineffective. I was wrong, see this movie. Scott Derrickson masterfully brings this film in and it does not disappoint. (Tom Wilkinson, Laura Linney,Jennifer Carpenter and Campbell Scott knock it out of the park---It is based on a real exorcism performed in the 70's in Germany.)
Here's a bonus, this is purported to be the recording of a Russian Exorcism.
Paul Parducci
PS: The photo is of the real "Emily Rose" Anneliese Michel

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