Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Could this be "The Greatest Joke in the World?!"

My son reminded me of this joke today.
I don't know who the author is, but it is an excellent piece of comedy.There are several versions, but this is essentially how I heard it:

A ship was out at sea when the Captain noticed a pirate ship on the horizon. He turned to his First Mate and said: "Quick get me my red shirt." the First Mate said, "Why sir?" The Captain answered, "Well I'm sure the pirates will board us and swordplay will ensue, there will no doubt be blood and I don't want it to show as it may demoralize the crew." They fought the pirates and carried the day.
A few months later, the ship was traveling through the same waters, this time the First Mate reported to his Captain, "Captain I see a fleet of ten pirate ships approaching us from the east. The Captain turned to his First Mate and said, "Quick get me my brown pants."

There you have it!
Paul Parducci

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isirota1965 said...

That's a true groaner! :-)