Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tom Cruise: The Absolute Truth

I don't know why I am posting this today.

I am usually very successful at avoiding all the Hollywood chit-chat, schadenfreude and outright bleating hatred.
But I am hearing about Tom Cruise far too often these days.

So from where I sit firmly ensconced in Lunch Box Hollywood here is the Absolute Truth as I see it:
Tom Cruise is a Scientologist (This is undisputed) Last time I checked we live in America where we enjoy freedom of Religion. Tom doesn't care for Psychiatry, well I don't care for Lima Beans. So What?
He jumped on a couch on the Oprah Show. I saw this,(on an evening News program) he seemed happy. (Under certain circumstances I might do the same thing although my Mom has implanted the no shoes on the sofa concept pretty deeply.)
He and Katie Holmes are having a baby. (God Bless!)
Many consider(and I count myself among them) Tom Cruise to be a great actor, look at Born on the 4th of July or Collateral sometime.
Mr. Cruise has made a lot of money for this town. (And as of today MI3 is still number one.)
I've never worked with him, but people who have invariable describe him as polite, hardworking and ethical.
OK I'm done.
Have a Great Day Everybody!

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isirota1965 said...

On Tom Cruise: I think that the problem many people have with him is that he went after Brooke Shields on the subject of post-partum {spelling?) depression. He'd never been a father, never experienced the birth of a child, and frankly, had absolutely no clue about the subject area he was discussing. In short, he acted like an ass, and rightfully was taken to task for it.

You are correct in pointing out that this is America, and people can (for the most part) say whatever they want. However, when you do, you should also be prepared to face the consequences that arise out of your comments.

Have a great day, Mr. Parducci!