Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Gingerbread Castle: A Day That's Lasting a Lifetime

When I was around seven and my brother was around three, my older brother and his wife to be took us to the Gingerbread Castle. I was only there one time but it is one of the most potent memories of my childhood. Especially the Wishing Well.
Instead of droning on and on, the following should bring you up to date on this Attraction from a by-gone era:

Here is a restoration site.
Another great place to learn about the Castle.
An amazing page of Postcards.

And last but certainly not least click on the picture for a Gingerbread Castle Look and Listen: Have a Great Day!
Paul Parducci


Dave said...

Hey Paul,
Funny that you know the castle. We have a summer home in Hamburg at the Crystal Springs resort. I bring my daughters to this and other places that I'm sure you remember growing up in NJ. The Land Of Make Believe, Space Farms, The Mine Museum. We're about 1 mile from the Castle. Headed there for the summer in 2 weeks. See ya.
Dave Ashley

Anonymous said...

The Gingerbread Castle is magical...Here is the site link
You can still buy collectible items from the Gift Shop...