Thursday, February 09, 2006

Ghostly Images, Barry Manilow and the Paris Catacombs

When you start to look for them, you find that there are many Ghost photos on the web. Whether they are real or not is up to the viewer of course. But some are very creepy indeed, like this one. Look between the two women. Yikes! I believe this one came from

This is a another great Ghost Picture Site

There are also sites that run Web cams in an effort to capture Ghosts on film here is one at the Paris Catacombs.
I saw some of the Grammy Awards last night and I was most impressed with the Kanye West/ Jamie Fox rendition of their hit Gold Digger.
But apparently the biggest news in the music world is the runaway success of the new Barry Manilow album.
My wife and I saw Barry years ago on Broadway. We were given tickets one afternoon on Second Ave in NYC by a kindly older gentleman who couldn't use them. At the time we were young struggling New York Artist types with very little discretionary cash. Back then Manilow would not have been our first choice even if we had the money, but we went to the show and thoroughly enjoyed it.(It also happened to be my wife's birthday) So for us the memory of that show coupled with the generosity of that man, has created an automatic Barry = Happy feeling.
That's all for now.
Do yourself a favor and don't look at the scary stuff alone and at night.
Paul Parducci

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