Sunday, February 05, 2006

Rest in Peace Al Lewis

Al Lewis passed away on February 3, 2006 some reports state that he was 95 others say he was 82.

Al Lewis left his mark as an Actor, Restaurant Owner, Political Candidate and Radio Host.
But for me and countless others he will always be "Grandpa," from "The Munsters."
The sixties sitcom about a family of Ghouls in the suburbs was my absolute favorite when I was a child. It was in daily reruns on WPIX every afternoon back in New Jersey where I grew up.. The interplay between Al Lewis's Grandpa and Fred Gwynne's Herman Munster was both masterful and hilarious.
A great site on the show is maintained by Butch Patrick who played Eddie: The Munsters
Paul Parducci


Dan A. said...

aah, WPIX... remember the "Take the Train to the Plane" commercials? how about those old Carvel commercials... "Fudgie the Whale"!! And the afternoon "PIX" video game... kids would call in and they'd put a video game on the TV screen, the kid would keep yelling "PIX!!! PIX!!!" to make the gun fire or the guy jump or whatever it was... CLASSIC television.

I loved the Munsters too. I always preferred them over the Addams Family for some reason.

Great memories, will miss you, Grandpa!!!

Paul Parducci said...

The "Pix" game thats right!
And at that time Tom Carvel did his own commercials.
And I agree with you about the Munsters vs. The Addams Family.