Saturday, February 11, 2006

This is an Actor Post: It's a Connection Thing

From time to time I will be posting on the Art and Craft of Acting.
As a professional actor for over Twenty years on Stage, Film and Television I hope that I can deliver information that someone who is currently interested in the field of acting might find useful.
In Hollywood, even a very well established actor like myself has to audition.
I work a lot, and I also audition---a lot.
I tend to over-prepare, meaning that I would rather have too-much of an internal reality for the character I am playing than not enough.
Auditions for me are simply opportunities to act. And I use each one to improve my acting skills as best I can under the given circumstances.

It is my opinion that when people watch an actor, they don't want to see great "acting," they want to experience a real living breathing person that can pull them into the story. (A story that we as artists hope will inform them about their own lives.) With that pull comes connection and that is where the Truth is.

God Bless---
Paul Parducci
PS: Today I had the opportunity to audition for a real pro: Joe Tornatore who has had great success as both an actor (The Sting, The Champ) and Movie director (Zebra Force, Game Room.)

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