Saturday, February 18, 2006

What's the Deal with Crop Circles?

Is it just me or does anybody else wonder what's going on with this phenomena?

Fred Silva is an expert and runs an amazing site on all things Crop Circular.
The big picture is from Crop Circle Connector.
The other one is by Busty Taylor and can be found along with other info at Crop Circle Research.As always I welcome information, inspiration and comments.
Paul Parducci

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Anonymous said...

Some crop circles are the real deal, meaning, messages from celestial beings trying to communicate with us through mathematically coded pictograms. Mathematics is the universal language.
Some circles are man-made/hoaxed to throw the public off the scent of the true nature of the circles origins. This media driven disinformation campaign is enough to satify most skeptics, and succeeds in confusing the general public.
Make no mistake - Our planet is being watched very closely by the billions of celestial beings inhabiting our universe. Some are positive, some are not.
This is just the tip of the iceberg. The truth is out there.
Read The Urantia Book, or The Ra Material, or The 33 Arks of Soul Resonance. Thousands of pages of rare material. Lots more where that came from.
Be well. Continue being a seeker. Better things await.