Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Professor Irwin Corey: The World's Foremost Authority

When I was a kid one of the things that filled my heart with joy was watching the great Professor Irwin Corey stand in front of a blackboard as the World's Foremost Authority and speak nonsense. I always seemed to be able to catch only the last minute or so of his act, so I had a perpetual sense of Not Enough Professor.
So when I heard that my great buddy Actor/ Comedian /Columnist Dave Konig would be working with him, I literally begged him to get me an autograph.
Dave dutifully asked the Comedy great for one but it was not to be. The Professor did mention that I could get one by going to his website. (I feel awkward about this so I'll say nothing)

TOOTH UPDATE: Went to my new Dentist today and got it fixed! No pressure just pure chopper artistry.
Thanks Doctor Jim!
Paul Parducci

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pettyfog said...

I actually met him, once, at the Chicago Playboy Club, and didnt have presence of mind to ask for a signed pic... though he too was my hero.

So I have adopted a later pic of him as my avatar on a soccer site I often use to spew my nonsense.