Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Joy of Obscure Games

As I've described before I am a real games guy--and one of my all time favorite games is "Kings Table" a game of Viking origin and a major precursor to Chess, it is also known as "Tablut."
Here is a great link on the game:
You can also click on: Best Game in the World! in my links column.
Paul Parducci


Paul Parducci said...

I neglected to state that my brilliant brother Jim originally discovered this game years ago and gave it to my Chess Master father for Christmas.

Viking Zen said...

Hi Paul- Thanks for your comment and for the recommendation. It is an interesting game- one I'll probably get addicted to once my addiction to Mancala wears off...

Dan A. said...

Paul, I am afraid to do this to you because i know how addicting these games can be but... knowing the interest you have in world history, culture, military, etc... may i suggest a computer strategy game that you might enjoy called "Civilization". The most recent incarnation of this game is version IV, and i've been playing the series since it came out.

Your task: take a small group of settlers in the middle of nowhere, and develop (over time) a thriving civilization.

To accomplish this you begin to build cities and grow their population by improving the terrain around them with roads, mines, and/or farmland, and erecting buildings in your cities to manage different aspects of life. You must balance the happiness of your people, military might, scientific advances, economics and finance, and foreign policy. You can (and should) even build Wonders of the World!

I hope i've intrigued you. This is the most intriguing computer game i have ever played!