Friday, January 27, 2006

Brad Pitt, Madonna, Uncle Paul and the Mean Bunny Clock

Paul Parducci as Uncle Paul
It's easy to be a fan of Brad Pitt or Madonna.
But it takes guts and foresight to support the career of Yours Truly.
I would like to thank all my supporters worldwide. You are a mighty lot and may I say you have great taste as well!
There are lots of great new products in the official Paul for All! Store
( many requests for Mean Bunny products so we've added a few including the Mean Bunny Wall Clock. )
And some of the newer adherents to Paul Parducci World have asked where Mean Bunny comes from.
It's actually me as host of the now defunct kids show for adults on Cartoon Network called "The Uncle Paul Show." I created the show and wrote it along with the late great comedy genius Russ Reiley and the split your side funny Karl Tiedemann. The show was championed by the great TV Exec Mike Lazzo and directed by the brilliant Tom Arcuragi.
I'll try to dig up additional Uncle Paul detritus and post them in the future.
Much Thanks!
Paul Parducci

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Paul Parducci said...

Also the fantastic set for Uncle Paul Show was designed by none other than Mark Newgarden who can make things funny simply by "regarding" them.