Monday, January 30, 2006

Channel 101, SAG Awards, Mozart and a Talking Alligator

I was fortunate enough to catch the Channel 101 Show at Cinespace over in Hollywood last night.
(I had the evening free since through some grievous oversight I was not nominated for a SAG Award)
It was terrific! Hilarious! It just may be the unavoidable future of Entertainment.
Neglected to mention Mozart's birthday on the 27th but Viking Zen wrote all about it including a reference to Bergman's The Magic Flute. It's on my watch list (for when I'm done playing Call of Duty of course.)
Read for the role of Crocco in the new Disney Reanimated project. Despite the name, Crocco is an Alligator.(please no comments on this, trust me it's fully explained and it works on the page) I'll keep you posted on this.
I didn't have any current pictures of Austria(Mozart's birthplace) but here's a shot of a Windmill from my last trip to the Netherlands.
Thanks Again!
Paul Parducci

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