Friday, January 13, 2006

Taco Night

Last night was Taco night at the Parducci home.
We started this tradition about a month ago and it has proven to be thoroughly enjoyable.
As simple as it is it does add a certain (I was going to say "flair" but because of one of my favorite movies Mike Judge's Office Space, I cannot so I'll say...) excitement to the dinner schedule. Tacos done at home seem to be completely different from grabbing one while on the run. I love to travel and there is a feeling on Taco night I find of seeing or doing something new in a different place. Maybe it's the stations you have to set up to construct them or the different smells that accompany the grilling of the spiced beef (we have beef)
In any case I woke up thinking about where to go next.
Along those lines here's a picture from Paris this summer.
Paul Parducci

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