Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Sorry about the dog post.

It was probably the Nadir of too much time off (but I do like the dog)

Back to work today!

Voice audition for a new video game Top Secret I'm afraid (actually I don't know if it was top secret, I just didn't see a title on the script.

Then a great meeting over at Nickelodeon Animation Studios---orange baby!

Also went in for Commander in Chief for a role that seemed to me to be more of a memory of an acting role or perhaps the lingering aroma of a part rather than a part itself. But my agent assured me that this was a role with great potential to recur.
So I went.
The meeting was at Raleigh Studios and just walking on put me in a great mood, (The Casting Director Steve Brooksbank is just one of those nice easy going guys so the audition was very pleasant) and when I left, I decided to take the long way around the studio. I am very glad I did. Memories flooded as I rounded the corner. Years ago I shot the great Dennis Quaid Danny Glover Thriller Switchback on this very lot and my trailer was parked right there on Citrus St. I looked, I felt, I smiled. I've been around long enough to have a history!
After twenty years I have to admit it--- I still love this job.
See You later,
Paul Parducci

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